I am A. Moustache.

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Obligatory Hello World First Post

This blog’s starting point, the git init, the CTRL+N, the right-click > create new. Also, maybe a few words about me.

About this

Is this the real lie, or is this just fantasy?

If I’m mumbling and frowning at the screen, I’m “ranting”, but if I do it on a blog, I’m “giving back”, so here we are!

Jokes aside, had to start somewhere, and this is it. This is my print "Hello, world!"; actually, my hugo new site, because we gone full circle and we servin’ static files up in here. With Hugo.

¤ Interlude ¤

Static site generators have been around for a while now, and seem to only get more and more popular. Of course, before that, there was the good ol’ bunch of straight-up HTML & CSS, hand-crafted in Dreamweaver. I’m only going as far back as I can remember ;) This is how I made my first beer money – some nights those were!

Then came PHP and the like, and all sorts of computation-intensive software that added some gain, but removed the overall simplicity. Computation might be convenient to get hold of, but in some cases it might not be worth it or just wasteful…

And it makes sense, especially for a blog. No need for computation, no need for fancy server-side logic, because it’s only text that people read. Hopefully.

So, think of the children and use less CPU! ☀️

Whew, that was a mouthful!

¤ Now back to this ¤

I love supporting the local communities, but I’ve mostly only been an attendant. Recently I’ve started giving technical presentations here and there, and it’s been great! I prefer skinny slides, but in order to get them, I always end up writing a bulkier version in a separate document. Those are by no means mature enough to count as articles, but I figured I might as well bake them until they’re worthy, and post them here.

About me

Mi mi mi mi miiii 🎵

My name is Andrei Mustață; last name is literally moustache, so I can say I have been #blessed✨ with a name that I can uhm… translate into English, sparing people of a few seconds of awkwardness when trying to pronounce the original.

I am a software engineer, currently interested in automating processes, pipelines, infrastructure, and other suchlike. While most of my experience is in development (actually writing code), I’ve always gotten my feet wet with everything involved in the process of making software, and in all its stages. I also prefer to have a higher-level view of systems and more importantly, the value parts bring; never liked being bound to just one of the many hats that are worn in software.

And there you have it, that’s our time-slot for today! Thanks for tuning in, hope to see you again, take care, buh-bye now!